How long does the exchange/return process take?

If everything runs like clockwork, the entire process takes as little as two weeks, but could take up to three. Since requesting an exchange/return and obtaining return postage is a self-service system, you can complete this step as quickly as you like.

Click the link in either your shipping or delivery confirmation emails to get started. Once you send an item back, it will reach us typically within 3-7 business days, if sent within the domestic US. Up to 7 business days are required for us to process an exchange/return once receiving your item(s).

Please note that once we refund your funds to your credit card for a return, this credit may take up to 7 business days to reappear to your statement, depending on who you bank with. If you're ever wondering about status, just reach out and we'll happily provide some insight!

Once your exchange has shipped, we'll notify you, and you should receive it within 3-7 business days.

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