How much stretch can I expect from raw denim? Should I order the same size in pants and denim?

Raw denim is stiff because it has not been washed. While it won't flatter your hips and butt at first, it will mold to your body over time. Out of the box, your denim should fit snugly at the waist because it will stretch-out up to 1" over the first month of consistent wear.

That said, we recommend you purchase one waist size smaller than you typically wear. After some wear and a wash or two, the denim will rise about 1/2" in length from the bottom pant hem. If you decide to hem your denim straightaway, we suggest leaving an extra inch on the hem. For bottoms that are not denim, select your normal pant size. If you have any questions about how the brand you wear relates to ours, our Customer Experience team is happy to help!

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