How should I care for a pair of raw denim?

There are a lot of theories out there about how to best care for raw denim. We like to keep things simple: wash your jeans when they start to smell or feel greasy. Nobody appreciates smelly jeans, and a buildup of dirt speeds up the breakdown of the fibers in the fabric. Neither are good for your jeans.

When washing your jeans, start by turning them inside out. Fill a bucket or your bath-tub with cool water, and stir in some mild detergent or dish soap. Fully submerge your jeans into the water, gently moving them around to fully soak them. Let them sit for thirty minutes. When you remove the jeans from the water, press the fabric (do not wring) to get the majority of the water out. Hang your jeans to dry (a drying rack or shower rod will do).

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